Grandmother's Questions

At last the day for the final lesson arrived, and as I told you, it proved a very interesting one. The children answered all the questions, and that made Grandmother very happy for she felt that the story time had been well spent.

The following is a list of the questions. See how many you can answer without referring to the text and then we will have the story of the "Golden Age."

Grandmother's Questions

  1. What nation controlled the world when Jesus Christ was born?
  2. How did the Romans treat the early Christians?
  3. How did their persecutions end?
  4. Did the Christians give up their faith during the days of persecution?
  5. Where did they practice their religion?
  6. Where and what are the Catacombs?
  7. Where do we find the first Christian paintings?
  8. Under what form did Christian painting appear?
  9. Why did St. Augustine call the early Christian paintings "The books of the Unlearned?"
  10. Mention a few of the Christian symbols to be found in the Catacombs.

  11. A Procession in the Catacomb of Callistus

  12. What subjects are used in the pictures that adorn the walls of the Chapels in the Catacombs?
  13. When did Christianity become the national religion of the Roman Empire?
  14. How was Christian Art affected by Constantine changing the seat of Government from Rome to Byzantium, and what was it called?
  15. What was the type of paintings done during the Byzantine period?
  16. Tell me something about their makeup.
  17. Did Italian painters like the Byzantine style?
  18. When was an improvement brought about, and how?
  19. Who was the first great painter of the Christian era?
  20. Tell the story of his life and work.
  21. Who was the next great painter?

  22. Madonna Enthroned, 1310
    Giotto (1266-1337)
  23. Tell what you have learned about him.
  24. Who was Fra Angelico?
  25. How did his work differ from that of other artists?
  26. Tell me something about this saintly man.
  27. Where was his best works done? Mention some of them.
  28. Who was Masaccio?
  29. What contributions did he make to the world of art?
  30. What are his best known frescoes, and when were they painted?
  31. Tell the story of "St. Peter Healing the Cripple" - St. Peter raising Tabitha."
  32. Who were Hubert and Jan Van Eyck?

  33. Crucifixion, 1475
    Antonello da Messina (1430-1479)
  34. Who was Antonella of Messina?
  35. Why are Giovanni and Gentile Bellini important in the field of art?
  36. Were their works of the same type?
  37. Tell me something about them.
  38. Who was Filippo Lippi?
  39. What do you know about his works?
  40. What was his son's name? Was he an artist too?
  41. Who was Sandro Botticelli?
  42. Tell me what you know about him.
  43. What was the next period in the world of Art?
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