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Edward Joyce (1913-1923)


Edward, Aged 10, Loses Life While Following Ferry Acro

Edward, aged 10, son of State Senator and Mrs. P. F. Joyce of 558 North Main Street, Pittston, lost his life by drowning in the Susquehanna River at Ransom yesterday afternoon at 3:10 o’clock. Up to a late hour last night the body has not been recovered.

Young Joyce had been summering with his family at the Triple-Springs Farm, near Harding, on the Sullivan Trail, about six miles from this city. With several other youngsters he went horseback riding and when they reached Maganello’s store, at the end of the new State highway, they tied their horses and walked down to the Ransom Ferry landing on the east side of the river. It had been the intention of the youngsters to go in bathing. Joyce could not swim, but being the first undressed proceeded to follow the ferry which was just being moored on the East side. Grasping the lower cable which propels the ferry, the youngster had reached a point 100 feet from shore when the line became slack. Being unable to swim the youngster was frightened and released his grasp.

Persons on the ferry seeing the young boy’s plight, immediately rushed to his assistance in boats but were unable to reach him before he went down for the third and final time. His young companions rushed to Manganello’s sore and reported the accident.

News of the sad affair was telephoned to City Treasurer Joseph P. Joyce in Pittston and he immediately rushed to the scene. Chief of Police Leo A. Tierney, Sergeant McManus and Officer Gunning of the Pittston police force, together with State troopers from the Wyoming Barracks hurried to the scene with grappling hooks. Many able swimmers from East and West Pittston, including Francis McCanna and William Jimms were rushed to the scene in automobiles and throughout the balance of the day endeavored to locate the body of the youth.

After three hours of diving and all hope of saving the youngster gone, dynamite was resorted to and a number of exceptionally large charges were set off in an effort to bring the body to the surface. All efforts proved fruitless. Throughout the night State troopers and men with grappling hooks maintained their vigilance.

Senator Joyce was in Canada when notified of the tragedy. He is expected to arrive in Pittston early this morning.

Edward Joyce was born in Pittston, May 15, 1913. He attended St. Mary’s Assumption school prior to its dismissal for the summer season. Through his pleasant manner the youngster made many friends and his untimely end has cast a shroud of sorrow on the entire community. Besides his parents he is survived by two brothers, Joseph and George, also one sister, Mary Patricia.

   The Wilkes-Barre Record - July 4, 1923

Funeral Announcement

The funeral of Edward Joyce, son of Senator and Mrs. P. F. Joyce, who was drowned in the river, will be held this morning, leaving the family home, 558 North Main street, at 9:30 o’clock. At 10 o’clock a high mass of requiem will be sung over the remains in St. Mary’s R. C. Church, Upper Pittston by the pastor, Rev. George J. Dixon, and burial will be in St. Mary’s cemetery, Upper Pittston.

   The Wilkes-Barre Record - July 6, 1923

Funeral of Edward Joyce

A beautiful tribute was paid to the memory of Edward Joyce, 10 year old son of State Senator and Mrs. P. F. Joyce, who was drowned in the Susquehanna at Ransom, last Tuesday afternoon when the remains were consign to their final resting place in St. Mary’s cemetery, Upper Pittston yesterday. The funeral was held from the family home, 558 North Main street at 9 o’clock. A number of prominent State and county officials, intimate friends of Senator Joyce, together with many relatives and friends made up the funeral procession which was the largest seen in the city in many months.

At 9:30 a requiem mass was sung over the remains in St. Mary’s R. C. Church by the pastor, Rev. George J. Dixon. Rev. Dr. P. C. Winters, Rev. H. P. Burke, Rev. Eugene Caulfield, Rev. William Brehl and Rev. H. F. Reap sat in the sanctuary. Students of St. Mary’s Assumption School attended in a body, accompanied by the nuns of the convent. The pall bearers were: John Jordan, George Hoover, George Dennis, Michael Connell, Charles Donnelly, Jr. and Ambrose Langan, Jr.

   The Wilkes-Barre Record - July 7, 1923

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