Gill and Joyce Families

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Gill Family

On October 26, 1942 Thomas Gill (1918-2003) married Mary Patricia Joyce (1919-2008) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Gilroy Family

On July 16, 1912 Margaret Gilroy (1883-1965) married Thomas Gill (1879-1961) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Nolan Family

In about 1876 Maria Nolan (1851-1930) married John Gill (1852-1909) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Bonner Family

In about 1877 Margaret Bonner (1858-1927) married John Gilroy (1854-1950) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Loftus Family

In about 1851 Mary Loftus (1832-c1871) married Martin Gilroy (1825-1885) in Syracuse, New York.

Joyce Family

On October 26, 1942 Mary Patricia Joyce (1919-2008) married Thomas Gill (1918-2003) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Hinchcliffe Family

On August 7, 1912 Mary Hinchcliffe (1882-1938) married Patrick Joyce (1867-1938) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Gavin Family

In about 1856 Bridget Gavin (1835-1912) married Peter Joyce (1830-1901) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Kane Family

In about 1880 Sarah Kane (1856-1940) married Isaac Hinchcliffe (1854-1917) in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Stahl Family

In about 1852 Mary Stahl (1831-) married John Hinchcliffe () in Danville, Pennsylvania.